It has been a busy time at The Harbour Club.  We have enjoyed decorating Easter bonnets and fans, we even had a go at creating our own Faberge style Easter Eggs, as you can see from the pictures the results were quite impressive! 

But any celebration at The Harbour Club is never complete without something nice to eat!  Vanilla nest cupcakes were made and enjoyed by all, except the staff who had given up chocolate for lent!  Never mind there were more for the Harbour Club members……

Valentine's Day at The Harbour Club

We celebrated Valentine’s Day at The Harbour Club by making heart shaped shortbread biscuits.

Everyone had a job to do, reading the recipe, weighing the ingredients, mixing, stirring, kneading, rolling the dough and cutting out the heart shapes. When they were baked we let our artistic skills loose and decorated them with initials and patterns. But best of all was eating them, it took about two hours to make and bake them . . . then two minutes to eat them ! ! !

Christmas at The Harbour Club 2011

Christmas began early this December with members helping to make paper chains, table decorations plus erect and decorate the Christmas tree. 

We needed to be ready for our celebrity visit by Eurovision singer ‘Josh Dubovie.’  We were joined by family and friends on Wednesday 14th December for a lovely afternoon drinking tea, eating mince pies and listening to Josh Dubovie sing the best of Swing.
‘Win’ loved the raffle (having the most tickets!).

The following week The Harbour Club enjoyed Christmas dinner, roast turkey with all the trimmings, we even indulged in a glass of wine to help us celebrate Christmas.  It was a real party day with games, singing and as always dancing.  Great fun was had by all.

Dance Egyptian Visit The Harbour Club

Dance Group – ‘Dance Egyptian’ came to The Harbour Club to entertain the members. Egyptian dancing is also known as Belly Dancing and is typically danced in ‘The Bedlah’ style of costume. The costume includes a fitted top (usually with a fringe of beads or coins), a fitted hip belt (again with a fringe of beads or coins), plus a colourful skirt or harem pants. The top and belt are richly decorated with sequins, braid and embroidery.

Members of The Harbour Club were treated to a performance by four Belly Dancers, who moved around the hall, swaying their hips and moving their bodies in time to the music. The colours of their costumes are bright and cheerful.  Members were given the opportunity to join in and were shown some key moves.

We all had a bellyful of fun!

Ainsley at The Harbour Club

Meet 'Ainsley' our ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog, strolling into The Harbour Club, his appearance a little ruffled, Ainsley is not a typical Harbour Club volunteer! He enthusiastically heads towards his first club member, ever keen to impress those around him. 

Communicating with a wag of the tail and a shake of the head he doesn’t have to say much to communicate to his friends. He loves to be patted and generally fussed over and if there is a dog biscuit on offer, he’s very happy.

Ainsley is a regular visitor to The Harbour Club and sessions with him always involve laughter, as he delights those around him. The psychological benefits of contact with a friendly animal have long been recognised, showing to improve social, emotional and cognitive functioning. Many thanks to 'Val' his owner for having Ainsley vetted by the ‘Pets as Therapy’ team and we all look forward to his next visit.

On Tuesday 13th September members of The Harbour Club were pleased to celebrate and wish 'Win' a very Happy 91st birthday; especially as it included an extra cup of tea and a large slice of cake.

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