August 2015
Customer Satisfaction
Survey Results

Thirty three surveys were sent out and seventeen responses were returned. Seven of these were regarding male members and ten female. Seven stated that they had been attending for less than six months and nine for more than a year. Out of all responses, ten attend once a week, five twice a week and one four times a week, with none attending three times a week. Four members were living alone and seven members were attending another day service. With regard to funding one member was funded by a Social Care contracted placement and six were using personal budgets, eight were privately funded and two members stated that they were joint funded by Social Care.

With regard to Question 5, how satisfied with various characteristics of our service are you,
responses are displayed below as a bar chart.

Question 6, asked has attendance at The Harbour Club helped to reduce carer stress, 14 responders stated that it definitely had, 1 that it probably had, 2 were not sure.

Question 7, asked has attendance at The Harbour Club delayed any decisions regarding care homes, 10 responders stated that it had, 3 said it had not and 3 were not sure. One respondent stated that care homes were not a consideration at the moment.

Question 3, asked overall, how satisfied are you with the service provided by The Harbour Club. All 17 responders reported being very satisfied.

With regard to questions 4 and 8, asking for comments on our service, several recurring themes were evident. Responders stated that they considered it to be a ‘safe’, ‘caring’ environment; comments were made that staff were ‘friendly’, ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘non-judgemental’. Responders were happy with the ‘variety of activities’ feeling that they ‘stimulated the mind and body’. Many responders reported that their loved one was ‘happy’ to attend looking forward to the day. There were anecdotes such as ‘Mum absolutely loves the club and looks forward to it each day’ and ‘the smile on Dad’s face Monday morning’. One other theme was food and drink, responders were happy with the ‘quality of food’ and the fact ‘fluids were readily available’. Overall responders reported The Harbour Club to be a ‘happy place’ which was enjoyed.

Question 9 and 10, investigated what responders disliked about our service and would they recommend our service to others. Seven responders stated that there was nothing that they disliked about our service, one stated ‘not open more (understandably)’ and another stated ‘would like more outdoor activities’ and one other was ‘unhappy paying for the club when they had paid for a holiday or respite’. Fifteen responders reported having recommended our service to others; two said they would if the opportunity arose.

Question 14, asked for suggestions of how we could improve our service. Comments included ‘longer days 4am start – 10pm finish lol’, ‘I feel the service is fine’.

Question 16, asked for ideas as to how we could better support you as carers. One idea suggested a DVD showing members enjoying their day, to enable carers to see the happier moments, enabling them to see past any anger or confusion they experience at home, stating it would be nice to have and keep. One responder suggested late sessions to enable theatre trips etc. Information and information evenings were suggested with themes such as ‘Power of Attorney’. A popular theme was on opportunity for carers to network and support one another.

In Conclusion: Overall response to the Customer Satisfaction Survey was very positive, with all 17 responders stating they were very satisfied with the service that they received from The Harbour Club. This was then broken down into the various characteristics of the service provided, with 17 stating that they were very satisfied with the quality of care, 17 stating they were very satisfied with the attention to members’ needs and the attitude of staff. With regard to members’ experience all 17 stated that they were very satisfied. When asked about travel, 9 responders stated that they were very satisfied. With regard to cost, 12 responders stated that they were very satisfied and 1 somewhat satisfied, with 2 neither satisfied or dissatisfied. We endeavour to provide a quality service and know that our pricing structure is in line with other day care providers (who do not have the benefit of two qualified Occupational Therapists). Our service equates to £10 an hour for our therapeutic input, in contrast domiciliary care averages at £13 an hour.

Regarding carer stress, 14 responders stated that it definitely had reduced stress, 1 probably, 2 not sure. Overall 33 individuals with a cognitive impairment attend The Harbour Club and benefit from the Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Programme (CST) provided. Twenty one primary carers benefit from respite and approximately fourteen other carers have peace of mind that their loved one is in ‘safe hands’ (one, two, three or four days a week).

In response to the comment made about paying for The Harbour Club when they had taken a holiday or respite. Payment to cover holiday and sick leave is essential to ensure longevity of the service we provide. As a Social Enterprise a ‘not for profit’ organisation, we continue to reinvest any surplus to the advantage of our members and ensure they receive value for money. We now have 5 trustees and are in the process of applying for charitable status to enable us to raise funds to further support the service we provide. When this is achieved we will inform everyone involved.

In response to comments made regarding improving our service. At present extended opening times are not planned for The Harbour Club, however should we hear of a service that is open in the evening we will share this information with members and their families. With regard to ideas to better support you as carers, we plan to take responders comments to the trustees and explore how these ideas could be implemented. With regard to more outdoor activities, we ‘risk assess’ every activity and every members’ ability to complete that activity and where possible we will access the local community for occasional escorted strolls or to tend and maintain the flowers. This summer we experimented with growing tomato plants and hope to expand this activity next year. Members’ safety is always our priority.

With regard to recommending The Harbour Club to others, 15 stated that they had made a recommendation, with a further 2 stating they would if the opportunity arose. Reputation and personal recommendations are important to us and very much appreciated. Anecdotal comments throughout were very complimentary and encouraging. We are very grateful to all those who took the time to complete the survey. We feel very encouraged by the positive outcome; however we will not become complacent, we will continue to develop our service for the benefit of our members and their carers. Please feel free to contact me with any constructive criticism you may have.

Jane Bussell BSc (Hons)
Occupational Therapist
The Harbour Club


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