The Harbour Club is a day centre offering specialised activities and support for older adults living with dementia. We are open 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday. Led by an HPC registered Occupational Therapist with a high staff to member ratio we deliver a high level of care. All Therapy Staff have completed dementia awareness training and been instructed on the principles of client centred dementia care and the philosophy of Occupational Therapy.

We offer...

We offer members an opportunity to make friends and participate in a variety of activities designed to stimulate members' cognitive, physical and social skills.

Whilst members are enjoying the day with us, their carers also benefit enabling them to enjoy some well earned respite, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is in good hands in a safe, caring therapeutic environment.

Who are Our Members?

Our members are individuals over the age of 65 years who are living with dementia.  Dementia or cognitive impairment is defined as unusually poor mental function, associated with confusion, forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating; this can be diagnosed or undiagnosed. Cognitive impairment can be caused by a variety of different medical conditions; Alzheimer’s being just one of many.

Our Mission Statement
‘To help to maintain cognitive function and enhance the well-being
of older adults living with Dementia’

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